How to use words correctly in the English language.

What is it that makes a word a word? I suppose many would argue for the correct spelling of the word; in other words, the placement of letters in a prescribed pattern. Instead, I'd argue that it's the spaces surrounding a block of characters that turn characters into words. Could it be that there's so much to learn from a space that we must begin there? Yes, I'm afraid it's so. As a result, we'll begin this seemingly simple chapter with the even more basic discussion of word spacing. Only then will we move on to the words themselves – capitalization, plurals and more.

Don't be deceived into thinking that this is a throwaway chapter that you can skip. At the very least, you should skim its contents. I think you'll find a surprising wealth of complexity when it comes to the proper use of the simple English word in writing.

This chapter is presented as a series of rules for the proper use of words in the written English language. It includes the most fundamental information that you must memorize and be ready to recall instantly if you are to become an efficient and effective writer. Make sure you have this information down cold before proceeding to the next chapter.

Now, without further ado, let's get started with a general description of words and the spaces that create them.