How to properly hypenate word combinations.

Hyphenation is sometimes required to spell a common phrase correctly by connecting the words in the phrase using hyphens (-). In this subchapter, I'll explain how to properly use hyphenation to form expressions.

Use Hyphenation to Create Compound Expressions

Some expressions are properly formed using hyphenation between their words. For example:


Note that to use these phrases without the demonstrated hyphenation would be incorrect and elicit an error notification from most modern editors including Microsoft Word.

Never Capitalize the First Letter of a Word After a Hyphen

When capitalizing hyphenated expressions, hyphenate only the first word in the expression. For example:

Self-publishing is fun.
All-in-all, things went well.

In both these examples, only the first word in the hyphenated expression is capitalized.

Automatic Hyphenation

Setting automatic hyphenation in your editor is a bad idea. Better that you have a ragged right-hand margin than allow software to decide when to hyphenate your words.

To turn automatic hyphenation off in Microsoft Word, set the Layout->Hyphenation menu item to None.