Where You Can Self-publish Your Book

A discussion of all the sites that you can self-publish your book.


When it comes to self-publishing your book, there are several services to consider. One would think that the logical thing to do is to publish on all of them. However, as explained in the remainder of this document, you may be better served by restricting your publication.

Here then, are a few of the self-publishing services available on the Internet.

  • Amazon Kindle eBook (KDP)
  • Amazon POD Paperback (KDP)
  • Smashwords (eBook)
  • Apple, B&N, Kobo (eBook)
  • Lulu (Paperback)
  • Audiobook Connection Exchange (ACX)

Amazon Kindle eBook (KDP)

As already discussed, the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) web-based interface can be used to publish your book on Amazon in Kindle eBook format. KDP is free to use and prompts you for all the information required to define an Amazon product page and upload your book.

Self-publish an Amazon POD Paperback (KDP)

In addition to publishing eBooks, KDP has recently been extended to support the publication of POD paperbacks. The interface prompts for the information needed utilizing the answers you provided during eBook publication to supply defaults. Again, POD paperback publication is performed on Amazon primarily to enhance the appearance of your Kindle eBook product page.

If you're publishing your or someone else's memoirs, a memorial or a social project such as publishing a book of short stories written by a school class, then you'll want to publish your book in POD paperback format. In this instance, you'll want to distribute your book in as many formats as possible to satisfy the differing needs of your readers.

Smashwords (eBook)

Smashwords is a one-stop-shopping web interface that allows you to publish an eBook everywhere but Amazon. This includes Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and many other booksellers. Though Smashwords publication is free, it can take up to 3 months to receive your revenue since it must pass from the ultimate seller through Smashwords to you.

I prefer publishing on Smashwords over publishing on each individual site other than Amazon because of the time that it save me.

Self-publishing on Apple, B&N and Kobo

If you want to get your revenue in your hands faster, you always have the option of publishing directly on the Apple, Barnes & Noble and Kobo sites – they all provide web-based self-publishing interfaces. Apple, in particular, is rumored to be a big seller.

Self-publishing Your Book on Lulu (Paperback)

Another option for publishing POD paperbacks is Lulu. This site provides services similar to KDP. However, since paperback publishing is performed primarily to bolster eBook sales, it makes no sense to me publishing a paperback that will not be displayed on my Amazon product page alongside my eBook.

Self-publishing an Audiobook Via Audiobook Connection Exchange (ACX)

ACX is an Amazon company that allows indie authors to self-publish audiobooks for free for sale on Amazon, Audible and in the iTunes store. The website also provides a means to hire a narrator to narrate your book for you. In my experience, recording your own book is tedious and time-consuming, while hiring a narrator is expensive. Like having a paperback option, having an audiobook available will also improve the appearance of your Amazon eBook product page.