Word Manuscript Formatting

How to format your manuscript for publication on Amazon using Microsoft Word 2016.

In this chapter, I'll discuss formatting your book in preparation for publication on Amazon using KDP. This chapter assumes that you are using the Microsoft Word 2016 word processor to format your book.

Note that I often like to format my manuscript before writing. I configure my document as described below (exception: I disable Show Paragraph) and begin writing. You might want to do the same thing too just to get comfortable with the layout.


The following is my most recent material on publishing an Amazon kindle eBook via KDP. It makes mention of two formatting options: traditional and Kindle Create. I don't like Kindle Create, so I only present the material on traditional formatting.

This first video discusses eBook and paperback publishing and the two formatting methods of traditional and Kindle Create.

These two videos detail the traditional manuscript formatting method.

I've distributed older videos that provide more detailed information on each formatting step throughout the following lectures.