Kindle eBook Content

How to add Kindle book content to KDP while publishing.

This page is used to gather your manuscript and book cover for publication. After these elements have been processed, you'll be offered an opportunity to preview your finished book using the Kindle Previewer.


In this section, you will upload your manuscript to KDP for distribution by Amazon

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

DRM is special encryption that can be applied to eBooks to prevent distributing illegal copies of your work. Unfortunately, the pirates already know how to break DRM protection. Many argue that enabling DRM encryption of your work only punishes your readers and not the pirates.

I used to enable DRM but now never enable it. My assumption is that to enable DRM is to insult my reader by effectively saying, "I think you might try to steal my book." This is a minor marketing point, but I recommend you leave DRM off.

Upload Your Manuscript

Browse your computer for the formatted copy of your manuscript that you already have stored in a Word document file (.doc or .docx).

Kindle eBook Cover

Browse your local computer for the name of your book cover file. Remember that book covers should be JPG files of 2700 x 1800 pixels. Upload your book cover.

Kindle eBook Preview

Always preview your book. At the very least, view the first several pages looking for malformed text, titles, and inappropriate whitespace and page breaks. Either click on the "Preview book" button to preview the book on your computer screen or the "Download Book Preview" link to load a copy of the book to your Kindle for review.

To preview your book on an actual Kindle:

  1. Attach your Kindle to your computer using the supplied USB cable.
  2. Your Kindle should appear on your computer as Drive E.
  3. Use Windows Explorer to copy the preview copy you downloaded to the following location:


After performing these steps, your book will be available for viewing on your Kindle.

Kindle eBook ISBN

This section prompts for two pieces of information: an optional ISBN and an optional publisher.


ISBNs are unique numbers assigned to books to later find them. In my opinion, ISBNs are a relic from the past. Readers today search for books by title, and when needing a unique number to identify an Amazon eBook, they typically use the unique ASIN number assigned to every product by Amazon.

I ignore this field, leaving it blank and would certainly never pay for an ISBN.


Here's your chance to think up an impressive company name. "Great Oak Publishing", "Otis and Lad Publications, LLC". Make it appear to your potential reader that your book has been published by a large publishing house. Selling books is all about quickly establishing a good impression. Making your Amazon Kindle eBook description page shine is the best thing you can do to sell copies of your book(s).

Save and Continue

Click the Save and Continue button at the bottom of the page to display the third screen of the book publishing interface, "Rights & Pricing". Note that you can always return to the second page by clicking the "Kindle eBook Content" tab at the top of any screen.