Summary of Self-publishing Concepts

A summary of the important self-publishing concepts.

Here's a checklist of the important publishing decisions you have made if you agree with the premise of this site:

  1. Publish your book if you've already written one.
  2. Have friends, family and you copy edit your book.
  3. Self-publish your book in preference or preparation for traditional publishing.
  4. Create a free professional looking for book cover using free images from Pixabay.
  5. Publish your book in Kindle eBook format on Amazon via KDP.
  6. Publish your book in POD paperback format on Amazon via KDP.
  7. Publish your book exclusively on Amazon by ignoring the Smashwords publishing option.
  8. Enter your eBook into the Kindle Select program.
  9. Do not publish your book in audiobook format using ACX.
  10. Market your book.