Adding a New Paperback Book

The first phase of publishing your POD paperback on Amazon via KDP.

If you aren't already logged in to KDP, log in now at the URL:

Click the Paperback option under Create a New Title. Alternately, click the Create a Paperback button presented at the end of the Kindle ebook publication process.

Paperback Details

All of the fields on this page should be filled in for you based your answers to the same questions supplied during Kindle eBook publication. Do not change any of this information since you want it to match that of your Kindle eBook. If you have yet to publish a Kindle eBook, then go back to Chapter 2 of this book and proceed from there. If you have no intention of publishing a Kindle eBook (I have no idea why), I would still refer you to Chapter 2 for information on filling in the Paperback Details fields.

There is one new field you should answer, and that's at the bottom of the page.

Adult Content

Target your book to your desired readership by either warning or tantalizing them regarding the content of your book. Respond "yes" or "no" to KDP's question, which I believe to be phrased quite well.

Save and Continue

Click the "Save and Continue" button at the bottom of the page when you're ready to save your current information and display the next screen of prompts.