Paperback Content

The second phase of publishing your POD paperback on Amazon via KDP.

Your content should be the same Word document you used to publish your Kindle eBook.

Print ISBN

Select Free KDP-assigned ISBN unless you want to provide your own print ISBN or are willing to pay for one (I can think of no advantage to buying your own ISBN). Click the Assign Free ISBN button to assign the ISBN.

At this point in the procedure, you can finally finish the formatting of your KDP manuscript by copying the assigned ISBN-13 number from the screen to your title page.

Click the Continue button when you're ready to continue to the next step.

Publication Date

Leave this unchanged.

Print Options

I use the least expensive printing options, which are as follows:

Black & white interior with white paper

6 by 9 in

No bleed


Note that your trim size should match the paper size you used to format your document.


Upload your manuscript. If you followed my formatting advice, this will be the same manuscript you used to publish your Kindle ebook.

Book Cover

To create a POD paperback book cover, I upload my Kindle ebook cover as the front cover and let the book cover creator create the spine and back cover for me. Here's how I do this:

  1. Click on Launch Cover Creator.
  2. For "Select images for your cover" click Skip This Step.
  3. Select the "Use with front cover image" template in the upper left corner.
  4. Click the front cover and upload your cover images From My Computer.
  5. Click on the box in the upper right of your front cover to resize it so that it fits within the dashed red guide lines.
  6. Click and drag your cover to position it within the guide lines.
  7. Click the paint roller icon at the lower-left corner of your book cover.
  8. Change the Secondary Color to something compatible with your front cover image.
  9. Click on the author image in the upper left of the back cover and upload your author image.
  10. Click on the author description text and paste your author description text.
  11. Click on the book description text and past your book description text.
  12. Click the Save button below your book cover.
  13. Click the preview button below your book cover.
  14. Click Save and Submit at the bottom of the screen.

That's it. If you follow these steps, you will have created a nice book cover for your POD paperback.

Book Preview

Click on Launch Previewer to review your book cover and contents. If everything is alright, Approve your book.

Save and Continue

Click on Save and Continue to move on to the next page.