Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

How to monitor Amazon book sales and modify a book via KDP.

This section provides information on modifying a published book and monitoring sales via the KDP interface.

Modifying a Book

To modify an existing book (e.g. to apply a new cover or change the book description or price) display the KDP Bookshelf page. Check the box to the left of your book title and choose either "Edit book details" or "Edit rights, royalty and pricing" from the Actions button pull-down menu.

In response to these actions, you will be presented with the forms you filled out to add the book in the first place. Modify the appropriate text or upload a new book cover or contents.

Click the "Save and Publish" button on the second page to complete your modifications.

Note that you can't modify a book page that is currently being published.

Monitoring Book Sales

Use the KDP Reports page to display your book sales for the various publication regions.

Note that I like to track my sales using an Excel spreadsheet that I developed over the years. If you'd like to download a template for my spreadsheet to your PC, please visit the following URL:

KDP Community Board

The KDP Community Board is a user forum that you can use to ask questions online. The board is monitored by Amazon staff and KDP users. It is displayed on its own page, Community, and is divided into sections based on issue type.

Feel free to join in on the discussion if you have a question you need answered or would like to try answering a few yourself.

KDP Support

Finally, you can contact the KDP support staff via the support page. To contact support, select the Help link in the upper right-hand corner of the Bookshelf or Reports page and click the "Contact us" button in the lower-left of the displayed page.

You'll be asked to fill in a short description of your problem. From then on, all communication will be conducted via email.

As a final note, I'll mention that KDP support is quite good, especially when compared to the support provided for other publishing interfaces.