Publishing Your POD Paperback Via KDP

How to self-publish a Print on Demand (POD) paperback on Amazon via KDP.

In this chapter, we will work on delivering your book in paperback format. I know paperbacks are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, but you can still make money selling to people who have yet to purchase an eReader. Besides, having an eBook option available will enhance the appearance of your Amazon eBook product page.

How POD Works

When publishing via Print on Demand (POD), books aren't printed until they're ordered by the customer. When an order is received by your POD provider, a copy of the book is printed and shipped to the customer for you. Using POD publishing services, you avoid the expense and hassle of buying and maintaining inventory and having to ship books to customers.

POD paperback publication on Amazon used to be performed through a separate web-based interface called KDP. Recently, Amazon simplified the process of publishing POD paperbacks by moving them to KDP.