How to Use Webhelp

An overview of the Webhelp platform used to deliver the information provided by The Pinnacle Academy.

Webhelp is a standard for displaying help information online in a hierarchical fashion.


The Pinnacle Academy Logo
Click The Pinnacle Academy logo in left of the black bar display at the top of every page to return to the home page.
Navigation Menu
Use the navigation menu displayed in the black bar at the top of every page to navigate from one topic to another. Hover your mouse over a menu item to display a drop down list of the topic's contents. Click on any of the menu items to jump immediately to the selected topic.
Click on the open book icon displaying "A-Z" to the lower right of the black bar at the top of every page to jump to the index. The index displays keywords and links to pages associated with those keywords.
Use the search box to display all articles containing a search phrase. Each search result is star rated according to the strength of the match.
The breadcrumbs displayed in the right side of the light blue bare below the black banner displays the nesting hierarchy of the current topic. Click any of the parent elements in the list to return to that level in the hierarchy.
Next and Previous
Once inside a topic, use the next and previous arrows below the search box to move the next and previous topics. Use the collapse and expand button to collapse and expand the sections in the current article. Click the printer icon to format the current page as a document and enqueue it for printing.
Home Page Course Boxes
The course boxes on the home page provide navigation directly to each course topic.
Tree View
Document View


Click on the open book displaying "A-Z" to display the site index. The index shows the keywords contained on the site along with links to the pages referencing each keyword. Click on a blue link number to go to that topic.

Watching Video Fast

Note that while watching a video, you can click on the gear in the lower right corner of the video window and select playback speed to control how fast the video plays. Since I'm a slow talker, you may want to set the playback speed to 1.5 time speed.