Freshman Orientation

A freshman orientation to the Pinnacle Academy.

Hello and welcome to The Pinnacle Academy.

Allow me to begin this introduction with an important announcement. The Pinnacle Academy is a tuition free training website. There is no site subscription to be paid, no marketing material to be endured and no email list to which you need to subscribe. At first, the lack of any marketing on the site may feel unusual, even uncomfortable, but my hope is that you'll get used to it and grow to demand it from your Internet information providers. There are literally no strings attached to learning here.

The academy currently provides training in the following subject categories:

  • Amazon Kindle eBook Self-publishing

Additional subjects will be added on a quarterly basis to include:

  • Writing
  • Creating Udemy Training Courses
  • Graphic Design

This site presents information using multimedia in the form of:

  • Text - Over 60k words of text
  • Images - Over 50 images
  • Video - Over 5 hours of video

The site uses the hierarchical Webhelp format to display pages of information.

Note: One of the downsides to not requiring a student to login to the site is that course progress information is not maintained for our students. Each student is reasonable for keeping track of their own progress through the curriculum.

Please use the built in feedback mechanism to comment on any of the course topic pages. If you need to communicate with me privately, send email to


I began writing and self-publishing with my wife in Fall of 2010. Over the next 4 year we made $500,000 self-publishing Kindle eBooks on Amazon. Burning out on writing, we stopped.

In 2014, I moved on to creating online video training courses and publishing them on Udemy. I currently have 37 video training courses for sale on Udemy. After 6.5 years of Udemy I had only made $150,000. It was time to move one.

Returning to writing, I pulled together snippets and wrote to produce a series of technical guides on writing and self-publishing. I never finished them and they did not sell.

The moment I discovered the Webhelp format it was love at first site. In Sprint of 2021, I decided to create The Pyramid Academy because .academy domains are cheaper and easier to find than .com domains. I determined that I would use the site to merge my writing and video training together with images to produce the ultimate free online training site.

---Brian Jackson, Chancellor, The Pinnacle Academy