Step 6: Write in a Series -- Don't Let Your Readers Go

Keep your reader reading your book -- a series is just one long cliffhanger.

Once you have a reader hooked, never let them go. This is the premise behind writing in a series. An additional advantage to writing in a series is that you can offer the first book in the series cheap, for $0.99, as a lead magnet and the rest of the books for the standard price of $2.99. A lead magnet is an inexpensive or free item that you offer to a reader to get them hooked on your series of books. The final reason to always write in a series is that every book in the series is displayed on the Amazon product page for every book in the series, as seen in the following screenshot.

Figure 1. Writing in a Series on Amazon

A picture of the series list displayed in an Amazon book description.

Once you have a reader hooked on your writing, possibly through a first in the series lead magnet, keep them reading by offering plenty more books in the same series.