Automated Spelling/Grammar/Usage Checking

How to use Microsoft Word's spell checker.

Microsoft Word, as well as most modern editors, includes the ability to perform simple spelling, grammar and usage checking of your words as you write. Errors are displayed in Word using three visual flags:

A Squiggly Red Line Beneath a Word or Phrase: Spelling error or too much white space.

A Squiggly Green Line Beneath a Word or Phrase: Grammar error.

A Squiggly Blue Line Beneath a Word or Phrase: Word Usage error.

As a novice writer, you should be sure to pay attention to all these errors and correct them at the appropriate time. Do not ignore any of them; though, I must admit to ignoring a fair number of the grammar errors myself.

To enable automated error checking in Microsoft Word go to the File->Options->Proofing menu item and check the appropriate boxes in the dialog window to configure automated error checking to your liking