My simplified rules for punctuation.

Punctuation is an important subject when it comes to the formation of Words into more complex structures such as sentences and paragraphs. Punctuation involves placing symbols, or punctuation marks, into our text to break it into smaller, more easily consumed phrases.

Though punctuation is an extremely important subject, it’s also extremely simple, so you’ll probably be surprised at how fast you learn my abbreviated rules to punctuation.

Note that this is not a detailed guide to English punctuation. My belief is that I can write anything given a period, question mark and a comma. Spot me a double quote for dialog, and I’ll throw in fiction for you. My point is that punctuation need not be complex to be effective. I’ve been attempting to demonstrate that fact throughout my writing style in this guide.

I’ve written to this point in the chapter using nothing but periods and commas.

Can I say it enough? Punctuation need not be complex to be effective!

“Oops, I’ve added a question mark and exclamation point to the chapter, to say nothing of the double quotes enclosing this dialog,” the author quipped.

With this brief introduction begins my simplified overview of English punctuation.