Full Justification - Don't Do It

Why you should not use full justification.

When formatting a document for display, most word processors provide the options to left justify your text (also known as ragged right justification), right justify your text or to fully justify your text. I recommend that you never fully justify your text for the following reasons.

Full Justification Causes Irregular Spacing

To fully justify your text along both the left and right borders, your word processor will distribute additional spaces of varying width throughout each line. This creates uneven white space between words, which can be difficult to scan while reading.

Full Justification Typically Involves Automatic Hyphenation

Full justification most often depends heavily on hyphenating the word at the end of each line to achieve justification. Automatic hyphenation makes these ending words hard to read, once more interfering with a visual scan of your text.

When it comes to full justification – just say no!