Words Workshop and Exercises

Practice what you learned.

Words are separated by a single space. Words are used to construct sentences.

The first word of a sentence is always capitalized. Sentences end with periods. Though a question mark is always nice when asking a question. Isn’t it? Don’t forget the exclamation mark! These three punctuation marks can be used to terminate a sentence.

Sentences also end in one or two spaces. I use two spaces to terminate sentences. But I place no space after the last sentence in a paragraph.

Sentences can also be subdivided using commas, as in this example. The comma should always appear after a word and before the delimiting space.

Capitalization, hyphenation and use of apostrophes aren’t the only extensions to these rules.

When stuck, copy others.

Keep a Journal

Begin writing a journal. Write in your journal every day. For now, write words. Do your best to use the correct words to create sentences and even paragraphs. Don’t worry if you don’t know the details of what you’re doing, a later two later chapters cover sentences and paragraphs in detail.

But first, we’ll be discussing punctuation.

Again, write in your journal every day. Use your journal to work out issues regarding your unique implementation (style) regarding the contents of this guide. Don’t share the contents of your journal with others, unless you’ve crafted a particularly good entry you’d like to share with others.

Also, recognize that journals may be maintained in digital or analog format (e.g. typed on a computer or handwritten).