An introduction to the discussion on why and where to self-publish


Hello and welcome to introduction to Amazon Kindle eBook Self-publishing for Beginners

This is a site about publishing a book.

Your book.

So, pay attention!

Whether novel, novella or non-fiction, I'm about to explain both why and how you should self-publish an Amazon Kindle eBook today via the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) web-based interface.

This section focuses on providing a breadth-versus-depth overview of the self-publishing world as an introduction to the remaining sections in thread.

Don't skip this section! It includes significant details that justify its existence, such as:

  • Why publish a book in the first place
  • Why you should self-publish your book
  • Where you can self-publish your book
  • Where to self-publish your book
  • Where to not self-publish your book
  • Why you should enter your eBook into the Kindle Select program
  • Why you should self-publish your eBook exclusively on Amazon
  • Why you should also self-publish a Print on Demand (POD) paperback via Amazon
  • When to self-publish outside Amazon (e.g. Smashwords)
  • Why to avoid audiobooks

This is a great do-it-yourself introduction to self-publishing your work to maximize revenue.

If you possess the slightest interest in self-publishing but don't know what it's all about, then please read this book. It is a fine and inexpensive introduction to a series of books on what could be the most important next step for yourself as a writer and self-publisher.

Other Reasons and Ways to Write

I'm a writer. I don't understand people who don't write. I'd often rather express my thoughts, at least my most important thoughts, through the written word. While writing, I still have a chance to edit what I'm trying to express to more accurately and fully inform people of my thoughts and feelings.

Don't you sometimes wish you could take back and edit your spoken words?

Foremost, this is an introduction to a series of books about self-publishing for writers. But at the same time, the series is about making money.

Let's face it, a nice review from a friend is nothing compared to someone you don't even know who is willing to pay cold hard cash for your product and still take the time to leave a positive review. That's all the fan I ever need.

Want to know how you're doing as a writer? Check out your wallet.

Ah. There. I've had my chance to express one extremist view of writing. With that out of my system, I must admit that there are obviously other "softer" reasons to write:

  • For the fun of it
  • To document the life experiences (memories) of yourself or others
  • For a school project
  • For business
  • To learn

In this document, I'll describe methods for making money self-publishing Kindle eBooks on Amazon via the KDP interface. There are others who have made plenty of money from blogging, freelancing and other forms of writing. I'm afraid I'm not one of them.

The Self-Publishing Process That I Advocate

I'm going to give away the punch-line of this text right up front by admitting that this document advocates self-publishing over traditional publishing. In fact, I'll go so far as to admit that this series of documents is rather draconian in advocating not only a specific publishing model but specific steps in executing that model.

I'm sorry, but I've been there and done that. I see no reason to confuse my readers by re-considering "what ifs" and "what could have beens" when I deal daily with "what is". I will therefore be explaining what I do and why I do it. Nothing more.