Enabling Show Paragraph

The hows and whys concerning enabling show paragraph to see document formatting symbols.

In this chapter, we will be applying detailed page and paragraph formatting to your document. To aid us in this task, it is critical that you be able to see what formatting you're applying by displaying formatting characters as you edit. To display formatting characters, enable the Show Paragraph option on the Home menu tab. You can do this by clicking the button that looks like a large backward capital "P" toward the middle of the Home menu tab at the top of the screen (this is actually a paragraph symbol). The button will turn yellow to show that it has been enabled. You can click it again to disable the Show Paragraph option.

With Show Paragraph enabled, you will see all of the formatting characters on the screen as you edit. Pay special attention to extra paragraph symbols that will add needless whitespace to your book. Keep Show Paragraph enabled while formatting your document.

Note: After a while, you'll get used to seeing the formatting symbols. I've become so used to these symbols that I quite often forget and write with Show Paragraph formatting enabled. You, on the other hand, will probably prefer writing without formatting characters displayed.