Configuring the Page Layout

How to configure the page layout include page size and margins.

These next two sections are required for Print on Demand (POD) paperback formatting. I like to apply these modifications to a single copy of my manuscript that I use for both Kindle ebook and POD paperback publication since the Kindle ebook publication process will ignore page size, margins, headers and footers. Be sure to update your TOC after performing these steps since they will undoubtedly change your page numbering.

Go to the Page Layout menu item. Configure your Page Size to be 6" x 9" (this is trade paperback size and is the least expensive print option). Make the margins .5" all the way around. Go to Margins->Custom Margins and set Multiple Pages to Mirrored Margins. Then set the inside margin to .75". This will make the margin on the binding side of the page slightly larger. You're now done configuring your Page Layout, so move on.