Inserting a Table of Contents

How to insert a table of contents.

I don't include a table of contents (TOC) in my fiction books. I include them in all my non-fiction books. It's your choice to either include or exclude a TOC. If you include one, I suggest that you put it right after your front matter (title page, forward and mail list signup offer). Here's how:

Create a new chapter after your front matter named "Table of Contents" (be sure to make the title a style of Heading 1 so it will be included in the TOC). Position your cursor within the body of your new chapter and select the Table of Contents operation on the left side of the References menu tab. Click Automatic Table 1 from the drop-down menu. Your Table of Contents will be inserted.

Note: I also like to go to the table of contents dialog box via References->Table of Contents->Custom Table of Contents and set Show Levels to 2 so that only Level 1 and 2 Headings are included in the TOC – this keeps my TOC from getting too long.

Also, note that you can keep right-aligned page numbering on since this will be removed by KDP when publishing your Kindle eBook and replaced with hyperlinked chapter titles.

Don't forget to update your table of contents if you modify or add to your chapter or subsection headings. To do this, click right-click within the TOC and select Update Table from the pop-up menu.