Adding Headers and Footers

How to add headers and footers for paperback output.

Go to the Insert menu tab and select the Header menu item to add a blank three-column page header. In the left column, insert your name. In the right column, insert the name of your book. Leave the center column empty. Check the "Different First Page" check box in the Header & Footer Tools menu to create an empty header for the title page.

Before leaving, set the "Header from Top" text field to "0.5" and do the same for the "Footer from Bottom" text field.

Close the Header design menu tab.

Insert a page number in the middle of the footer. Go to the Insert menu tab and click on the Page Number item. In the pull-down menu, choose "Bottom of Page" and "Plain Number 2" to insert a page number in the center of your footer.

Note: In this book, I've used the center text option to center my book title in the header. I also made the font size of the header 9 pt and placed a blank line after the header for extra spacing. Be sure to delete any blank lines after the page number in the footer, and again, I added a blank line before the page numbers in this book for extra spacing.

Close the Footer design menu tab.