Introduction to Creating a Book Cover

An introduction to creating a professional quality book cover yourself.


You may be an excellent writer. You may already be able to write rings around your competition. You may even fully understand the process of self-publishing your work. But eventually you’re going to need a book cover.

So, how are your book cover creation skills? Kind of iffy probably. That’s unfortunate because it can cost upwards of $100 to commission an expert to create a book cover for you. Yikes! And without a good book cover… let’s just say that things look bleak.

Well, don’t fret because this volume will teach you how to create professional-quality book covers for free using a simple tool that you probably already own. Microsoft PowerPoint.

If you know anything about Microsoft products, you probably think I’m kidding. After all, PowerPoint is slide presentation software. But I’m not kidding. I use PowerPoint all the time as a general-purpose graphics tool to create beautiful book covers as well as other simple graphics. As an aside, PowerPoint is also a powerful animation tool though we won’t be addressing this aspect of the product while creating static book covers.

Note that this volume isn’t about PowerPoint alone.

To make beautiful book covers, I typically depend on loading beautiful free images from my favorite Internet free image site, Pixabay. In this book I’ll even show you how to load fancy free fonts off a site named DaFont to give your cover text attitude. Next, I’ll address how to use colored boxes to emphasis text and create visually pleasing color patterns and conclude with some general rules for creating eye catching book covers.

It’s worth noting that this is not a general-purpose guide to using PowerPoint. In this book I discuss only the aspects of PowerPoint that one needs to know to create book covers. I discuss enough about PowerPoint for you to be able to navigate the tool, but there will be no discussion of presentations, animation or producing business reports from the Microsoft Office Suite.

Whether right or wrong, many people do judge a book by it’s cover. So, you’d better have a good one. This is probably the most important thing you can do to market a new book.

If you’re ready, then roll up your sleeves and prepare to have fun getting your hands dirty designing beautiful, free, professional looking book covers.