Putting It All Together

Using everything we've learned to create a book cover.


In this section, I’m going to combine all the techniques learned in this book to recreate some of my favorite book covers. I encourage you to follow along. A zip file containing the images used in these examples and the finished book covers can be found a the following location.

Creating a Full Image Book Cover

Follow the steps listed below to recreate the following full image background based book cover.

  1. Create a blank book cover template of dimensions 6” by 9”.
  2. Right click on the image and select Format Background from the pop up context menu to display the Format Background pane along the right side of the work area. Select Picture or texture fill and either Insert the image provided in my zip file or any other image you prefer.
  3. Create three rectangles. Color them, position them and size them appropriately as seen in the above example.
  4. Insert text boxes and enter the text displayed in the above example. Set the text font and size, then color the text. Place a gray halo around the text using the Shape Format->Text Effects->Glow option to give the text a subtle gray glow.
  5. Position the text boxes over your rectangles and you should have a book cover similar to the example above.

Creating an Inset Image Book Cover

In this section, I’ll guide you through the creation of the inset image based book cover displayed below.

Uploading Your Book Cover to KDP During Publication