Best Practices

The best ways to digest all this information.

Alternate Learning Options

The Pinnacle Academy has been designed to optimize your learning options. Consider the following methods for making use of the curriculum:


Watch the online webhelp to experience the text, images and video all organized to be in sequence. Use the navigation tools to quickly and easily navigate the site. This is the best way to view the information online.


Would you rather just view the videos? Click any of the video links on the home page to access a YouTube channel containing all the videos in sequence for the selected course.


Would you rather just read and reference the site text and images as a single document? Here are a couple more viewing options:


View the entire site as a PDF document. Download the PDF document by clicking on the PDF title associated with this description.


View the entire site as a Kindle document. Download the Kindle document by clicking on the Kindle title associated with this description.


View the entire site as a ePub document on your Nook or other ePub equiped device.. Download the ePub document by clicking on the ePub title associated with this description.

How to Load the PDF or Kindle Document Onto Your Kindle

Follow these steps to download either the PDF of MOBI formats of The Pinnacle Academy to you Kindle from a computer running Windows 10:

  1. Plug your Kindle into your computer using a USB cable.
  2. Your Kindle should appear on your computer as your E: drive. Locate your Kindle drive which will be displayed as a removable drive in Windows File Manager.
  3. Use the Windows File Manage to copy the downloaded file to the "documents" directory of your Kindle.
  4. The Pinnacle Academy document should have appeared in your Kindle library.

Do It As You View It

The best way to make use of this material is to pause while watching and work along with the process as it's explained. If you work along with the presentation, you'll be a published author by the end of the day. Pause often taking small steps toward your goal and saving your work often.