Step 18: Social Media Promotion

Use social media to promote your book.

Use your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to announce new books and promotional deals. Consider creating or purchasing a book trailer for display on YouTube. Be sure to always include a link back to your book's Amazon product page in the text of your posts.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Announcements

Use your Facebook social media account to promote new books.

Consider starting a group for your book series. Facebook groups allow readers to discuss the topics addressed by your books and to ask questions. Post captivating pictures and videos with links to your books in the image or video description.

Like with your mailing list, you should post primarily information articles and avoid over marketing to your social media friends and readers.

YouTube Book Trailer Videos

If you have the ability or the finances, you should consider making or purchasing a book trailer video to be posted on YouTube. Be sure to include pointers to your books and mailing list sign up page in the description of the video.

Goodreads Announcements

Goodreads is the one area of book promotion with which I have no experience. Goodreads was recently purchased by Amazon and no functions as Amazon's preferred platform for reader forums. It's probably a good idea to investigate Goodreads, though I can provide no advice on the matter.