Step 9: Publish a Print on Demand (POD) Paperback Via KDP

Why you should publish an Amazon paperback, even though you won't sell many.

Immediately after publishing your Amazon Kindle ebook, you should publish a Print on Demand (POD) paperback on Amazon via KDP. The process is simple and easy, resembling the Kindle ebook self-publishing process, except that many of the KDP fields for the paperback will be filled in with information from your Kindle ebook publication. If you follow my instructions as laid out in my book Amazon Kindle eBook and POD Paperback Self-publishing for Beginners, you'll even be able to upload the same manuscript and use your ebook book cover for paperback publication.

Remember, you won't sell many POD paperbacks on Amazon, but you might sell some. You're publishing a paperback to bolster your Kindle ebook product page. Your ebook will look more legitimate if it is also available in paperback format, and the higher (e.g. $7.99) paperback price will be crossed on in favor of your lesser ebook price make your ebook appear to be a steal. See the sample book product page below for an example.

This product description page lists the paperback right after the kindle book in the middle and crosses out the $5.99 paperback price instead displaying the $0.99 ebook price as an 83% price reduction.

Again, refer to my book Amazon Kindle eBook and POD Paperback Self-publishing for Beginners for instructions on publishing both a Kindle ebook and POD paperback on Amazon via KDP.

Note that the existence of an audiobook further improves your Kindle ebook product page, but due to the cost in time or money, I recommend you avoid audiobook publication.