Step 14: Nominate Your Books for Amazon Promotion

How to get free advertising from Amazon.

Amazon recently added a new feature to KDP that allows you to nominate your books for two promotional opportunities. Both opportunities take place during a 90-day period. The first opportunity involves entering one or two of your books to be advertised at a discounted price by Amazon during the 90-day period. The second involves offering your book for free during the 90-day period. Note that you have no control over when Amazon makes these offers on your behalf.

I jump at any opportunity to advertise my books for free and therefore recommend that you take advantage of these opportunities. To do so, click on the Marketing menu item on KDP. The page displayed will summarize all the marketing opportunities available to you through KDP. Note that I'll be discussing the Amazon advertising option in the last step of this book.

Scroll down to Nominate Your eBooks and take the following actions.

Kindle Deals

Kindle Deals are limited-time discount deals offered on eBooks, lasting from one day up to multiple weeks. Customers will see both the regular price and the promotional price on the eBook's detail page.

Books enrolled in Kindle Deals may be eligible for featured placement in the Kindle store or additional email marketing. While the nomination program is in Beta, you will receive royalties on the discounted price for every sale during the deal according to your selected royalty plan.

Enter two books into this program, unless you only have one published. Books must be entered one at a time. Click the "Nominate your book" link to view additional information regarding this program.

Prime Reading

Prime Reading is a rotating selection of titles made available to Prime members to read for free. Giving away books for free means that you'll obtain more readers, and it's readers who leave reviews.

Enter a single book into the Prime Reading program. Note that both this and the previous program can be configured to automatically renew after the 90-day period has expired. I recommend that you take advantage of this option.