Step 17: Create an Amazon Author Central Page

Create an Amazon Author Central page to be found.

Use the Amazon Author Central web application to create an Amazon Author Page, claim ownership of books, and extend book descriptions with additional information.

You can use your Amazon account to log into Author Central at:

Creating an Author Page

Create an Amazon Author Page so that people can find all of your books grouped together under your name. An author page is like your landing page or home page on Amazon. It can be accessed by potential readers by clicking on your name under the book title on a book's Amazon product page. Your author page is highly visible. This is invaluable free advertising.

To create your page, select the Profile menu item at the top of any Author Central screen. You'll be asked to provide a photo and a biography. You can also link blog feeds and add videos to your page. Your biography needn't be long and can be reused on social media sites such as GoodReads.

Claiming Ownership of Books

Use the Books menu to claim ownership of all the books you've published on Amazon in Kindle ebook, paperback, and audio formats. Click the "Add more books" button to add additional books to your ownership list.

In the pop-up window, enter the name of your book in the search window and begin a search. When the search results are displayed, you should click the "This is my book" button below your books to claim them.

Be sure to claim all of your books so that they will all be displayed on your Amazon Author Page.

Extending Your Book Description

On the Books menu page, you can click on a book title to add extended information to a book's Amazon book page. The "From the Author" section provides yet another opportunity for you to discuss the writing of your book. I like to use this section to document the writing experience and what I was trying to say in the book. Use the "About the Author" section to write about your background and accomplishments.